advotics supply chain solutions

Advotics is a web and mobile application suite for both enterprises and medium-sized businesses.
Our integrated platform gives all employees in supply chain layers a shared view of information.

Our products are insightful alone, but better when they all work together.

advotics workforce management

Workforce Management System

Ensuring more granular, transparent, and automated performance and order management for your workforce

distribution management system

Distribution Management System

Integration of distribution activities, from sales order, purchasing activity to generate invoices. Any activities related to order processing, such as stock inventory update, delivery note generation and dispatch, up to invoice creation is connected


Advocate Relationship Management

Have direct communication with resellers by engaging them with marketing campaigns, self service order management and complaint ticket management

advotics product digital product identity

Product Digitalization Management

QR Codes technology on product packaging as unique digital identity to protect against cross-border sales and counterfeiters, track product movement and inventory, and also reward loyalty


Route Management System

Producing and dispatching daily route plans all over the country. It automatically pairs a cluster of customers with field agents who cover that area, then it generates daily route plans for the field agents to follow through.

Advotics VMS feature v.2

Vehicle Management System

Cut off operation costs by knowing the exact metrics of vehicle usage duration, idle time. The real-time location visibility allows faster maintenance requests for sudden vehicle breakdown and faster deployment of backup vehicles.


Warehouse Management System

Logistics software that can help to streamline your daily warehousing activities by providing visibility throughout the process of receiving, storing, until shipping and transferring goods to other warehouses.


Delivery Planning System

Automatically generate the most optimal route plan for delivery order by maximizing vehicle capacity. Our system can assign and match vehicles with their delivery orders within various delivery constraints, to ensure order fulfillment within the right delivery window.

Advotics Boris Sanjaya

Boris Sanjaya (CEO)

Graduate From University of Washington with Working experience in Amazon, GE and Boston Consulting Group.

Hendi Chandi (CTO)

Experience as Senior Software Development Engineer at with 2x US patent holders in software development domain in US.
Advotics Jeffry William Tani

Jeffry William Tani (CPO)

PhD at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and expertise R&D at Schlumberger with patent holder.

Our Value

advotics value grow


Through Advotics structured development program, whether you’re in business or engineering, you will definitely be stretched and grow professionally

Advotics Value


In Advotics, we disrupt the traditional practice through our constant innovation. We change the market landscape and we pioneer.

advotics value connect


Meet and connect with the passionate and talented Advotics team. You will learn and befriend with the best and most innovative minds.

advotics value cutomer obsession


When we build with love for our customers, they will love us back. We always listen to our customers’ pain, needs, and feedbacks and work hard to address them. We strive to earn our customers’ trust.

advotics value ownership


Execution excellence can only be achieved by being all-out in what we do. No task is too big or too small and we don’t wait for others to act. We are always accountable for the results of our actions and we leave things better than we touched them.

advotics value team work


We understand how far working collaboratively can take us. We exchange ideas to broaden our horizon and we grow each other to amplify our impact. We work such that our team can still function well even without us.

advotics value bias for action


We encourage calculated risk taking and when failure comes out of it, we try turning them into gain. We avoid analysis paralysis and choose to act because execution matters.

advotics value insatiable curiosity


Most innovation comes from challenging status quo and asking what-ifs. We foster creative thinking and we rather ask too many questions than not enough.

advotics value fun


Happy and fresh mind helps focus our passion toward building great things. We try to bring delight into every aspect of our working environment. We embrace individual sense of humor and we laugh together a lot.