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Why do Distributors Need Delivery Tracking for?


Why do Distributors Need Delivery Tracking for?

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Tracking your delivery goods until it reaches the customer is one of the important elements of distribution. The absence of an operational system for tracking goods can lead to cost overruns, delivery delays, and a poor customer experience. 

So what can you do to improve the buying experience and retain more customers?

What Delivery Challenges You Need to Look For?

    • Delivery courier takes time to find the exact location from the address 
    • The process is inefficient and takes a lot of time, resulting in late deliveries
    • No accurate latest position so it’s confusing for delivery couriers, customers, and companies
    • Too much time on the road resulting in narrow delivery range, even though resources are sufficient
    • The system is not flexible enough. Hence, last minute shipping and product returns are difficult to be accommodated

What is Digitizing Delivery Tracking For?

Having a digital monitoring system enables accurate monitoring (status, location, PIC) in real time.

Efficient shipping tracking helps companies to:

    • streamline distribution process
    • ensure goods are delivered to the right destination (with correct SKU and quantity)
    • improve transparent communication between managers and delivery staff
    • improve accountability of delivery staff
    • paperless

What are Advotics Delivery Tracking Features?

Distribution Management System

For Manager or Supervisor

  • Connect DO with SO or PO number
  • Assign date and amount of delivery with the suitable courier and vehicle
  • Live-track courier position
  • Monitor delivery status changes in real-time
  • Collect digital proof of delivery when the delivery process is complete

For Delivery Couriers or Other Field Teams

  • Accept ready to be shipped orders with destination locations and information
  • Receive delivery instructions and daily delivery routes
  • Receive turn-by-turn navigation to the delivery address
  • Change delivery status from assigned to PIC to shipped and delivered when the goods have been received by the customer
  • Upload proof of delivery every time the delivery is successful
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