25 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

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heavy duty metal dog cage kennel crate 12655 happy? From letting your dog sniff around on your daily walk to making some DIY dog toys, here's 25 ways to make your dog happy. Fun indoor & outdoor games and activities to keep your dog happy, active, busy and entertained. Dog boredom buster ideas." alt="25 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy" class="dpsp-post-pinterest-image-hidden-inner" loading="lazy" width="100%">

Give Your Dog a Job You can make your dog happy by giving them their own little jobs to do throughout the day. 3. 2. Does your dog enjoy ripping the stuffing out of toys? Make them their own . You?d think after throwing the same exact toy 10 times in the same exact direction they?d get sick of it, but for my dog nothing could be further from the truth. If you?re already nervous before even stepping into your vets office your dog is going to pick up on that. Many of our dogs were bred to work alongside humans, so giving them a few chores to do can play into their natural willingness to work. Most rescue groups are ran by volunteers that rely on donations for funding. They take in stray, lost, abandoned and surrendered animals. 14. (if you want something to warm the heart today check out these sweet stories) Home Check: The process of having someone from an animal rescue visit your home before an adoption is final. It?s that there?s currently 5000 independently ran animal shelters nationwide. In the case of animal shelters euthanasia may be performed when facilities run out of space or when an animal is deemed less adoptable due to it?s health or temperament. Take Your Dog Out For a Treat Did you know that some stores have a ? If you want to take your dog out for a fun little adventure try taking them out for a nice treat. Teach your dog a fun new trick like (it?s actually a lot easier than it looks). 25. There are two common (and highly debated) definitions for no kill: a) A means an animal shelter or rescue that saves (doesn?t euthanize) at least 90% of the animals that come in. Surrender: (also called owner surrender) An animal that was surrendered by it?s owner to an animal shelter or rescue. Some toys are much tougher than others, so keep in mind that it might take a few tries before you find a chew toy that?s tough enough for your dog. 11. And dogs aren?t picky about what to watch so you don?t have to worry about fighting over the remote. After they?re are all hidden I tell her to go ?find the treats? and watch as she takes off with giddy excitement. 16. Letting your on walks gives them a chance to check out & explore the world around them. 7. Some events have animals that can be taken home the same day, while others may have an application process that needs to be completed first. It?s comforting to know exactly what goes into your dogs treats, and some recipes are pretty easy to make ? even for a novice like me. Please share with your friends ? How to You Keep Your Dog Happy? How do you keep your dog happy & entertained? Do you play a lot of fetch or tug? Do you let your dog sniff around and explore on walks? Does your dog use a lot of treat dispensing toys? This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase I?ll earn a commission. For more information please see our page. Some shelters (and a few rescues) may approve adopters the same day, while others will take longer depending on the rescues pre-adoption requirements such as home checks and vet references. Rotate Your Dog?s Toys Does your dog get bored with his toys? If so you can make old toys feel new again by rotating them. (it?s the inverse of the euthanasia rate which would be 10%) Shelters do not include owner requested euthanasia or euthanasia for an animal that?s been deemed untreatable in their calculations. In the U. they?re ran by local counties or governments, and regulated by each state. They?re such an easy way to entertain your dog, and they?re pretty low on the scale when it comes to effort involved on my part (choosing the treats is the toughest part). 4. The term is broadly used, and can include a wide range of conditions including allergies, diabetes, blindness and separation anxiety. They?re a lot of fun for dogs to play in (Laika?s fascinated by splashing around in hers), and they can help them cool in the summer. Most dogs love going for a ride, and surprising them with a fun social gathering is a great bonus. If your dog isn?t start with some shorter hikes and and gradually increase your distance. If your dog doesn?t have a good ?stay? you can enlist the help of someone else to distract your dog while you find your hiding spot. Other fun (and impressive) tricks you can teach your dog include: 5. 6. Instead of having all of your dogs toys out all the time try giving them access to a couple at a time, and switch them around every week or month. Tests are based on various interactions such as how a dog interacts with other dogs, cats, people and food. Save rates are calculated by taking the total number of animals admitted to a shelter in a given year and comparing it to the number of animals that had (adopted, transferred to a rescue, returned to owner) and those that were euthanized. If your dog loves to chase make them their own . Rather than using a full 30 minute span to train your dog break it up into 4 or 5 shorter sessions. Spay/Neuter Agreement: (also called a spay/neuter contract) A contract that an individual signs when adopting an animal that states they will have their pet spayed or neutered within a certain time frame. Some dogs get fearful and/or overly stimulated by certain things and need to be taught how to calm down; it doesn?t always come naturally.25 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy Last updated on September 6, 2018 By Puppy Leaks Looking for some easy ways to keep your dog happy and entertained? You?ve come to the right place. Vet Check: Some shelters and rescues will ask for your current veterinarian?s (if applicable) name and information on their adoption application. 17. In the dogs are observed while interacting with other dogs, people, food and toys, noting any signs of unease or aggression. Teach Your Dog Some Fun New Tricks Training doesn?t have to stop after teaching your dog sit, stay & lay down, nor does it have to be boring. Use Stuffed Kongs Stuffed ?toys are such a life saver. Dogs get bored and frustrated when training sessions go on too long, and that can lead to both of you getting flustered. They?re also great for dogs with arthritis since stimulating muscles and tissue can improve circulation. Stray: An animal that was found roaming or one that has been lost by it?s owner. Get a Kiddie Pool for Your Yard If you spend a lot of time out in the yard with your dog get them a kiddie pool. Make Some Homemade Treats for Your Dog Does your dog love watching you cook? If so give them a nice surprise by making some yummy homemade dog treats. Teach Your Dog How to Relax Some dogs don?t know how to remain calm in certain environments, so is a great skill for them to learn. 23. (If you?re not a fan of Kongs the is great alternative) 19. (meet & greets may be done in a shelter setting, at an adoption event or another location chosen by the shelter or rescue) No Kill: No kill is a term that?s broadly used to describe an animal shelter that doesn?t euthanize for space. There are plenty of food dispensers available on Amazon. Cuddling on the couch is a nice way to get your dog to settle down and relax at the end of the day. I?d recommend sticking to the hard plastic kiddie pools rather than soft ones since it doesn?t take much for dog nails to tear through soft surfaces. ( are a favorite of mine; they?re tough enough for my 70 pound Shepherd mix) 24. And contrary to popular belief or dominant. Invite them (and their owner) over for an afternoon. Terms Associated With Animal Shelters, Rescues & Adoptions Animal Shelter: (also called a pound, municipal shelter or animal control office) A place where stray, lost, abandoned and surrendered animals are kept. For example, if a shelter took in 5000 animals last year and euthanized 500 of them they?d have a 10% euthanasia rate. Recommended Reading Please share with your friends ? Recommended Reading. Make Your Training Sessions Shorter Dogs love learning new things, but their attention span isn?t limitless. It?s fun, it?s mentally stimulating, and it?s quite a workout. Open Door Policy: An open door policy means an animal shelter that accepts all lost, stray, surrendered and abandoned pets. Foster to Adopt: The process of fostering an adoptable animal in your own home with the intention of adopting. You can walk in a different neighborhood, take your dog to the local park, or simply follow your dog and let them decide where to go. Play a Game of Tug of War Tug of war is Laika?s favorite game, and I don?t know that there?s a single day that goes by where we don?t play it at least once. Adoption Fee: The cost of adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue.S. Not sure what king of treats to make? Check out this list of my favorite simple , all made with 5 ingredients or less. Take a walk, chill out in the living room or hang out in your backyard. Recommended Reading Terms Associated With Animal Shelters, Rescues & Adoptions Last updated on August 3, 2017 By Puppy Leaks Looking to adopt a pet but feeling overwhelmed with information? This guide will help you familiarize yourself with many of the policies and procedures you?ll come across. Find a Vet You?re Comfortable With Many dogs dislike going to the vet, but finding one you?re comfortable with can make a huge difference. Safer Test: A specific behavioral assessment of a dog in a shelter setting. Save Rate: The number of animals an animal shelter saves (doesn?t euthanize), usually represented in percentages. A frozen Kong keeps Laika busy for 30+ minutes, and for something that takes such little effort from me it doesn?t get much better than that. Euthanasia rate: The percentage of animals a shelter euthanizes. It?s great physical exercise, and the change of scenery (and all those smells) will give your dog plenty of extra mental stimulation. For example, if a shelter took in 2000 animals last year and 1800 of them had live outcomes the shelter would have a 90% save rate. 13. 8. Background: Information pertaining to the adoptable pet?s background and where they came from. When I?m sick I?ll give Laika a chew toy to occupy her time; it keeps her busy while I rest up. Fetch is a simple way to have some extra fun with your dog, and as far as entertaining them goes it?s pretty simple; you toss a toy and let them do all the hard work. If you?re not sure what to use for stuffing check out my list of . Foster: A volunteer that works with shelters or rescues caring for adoptable animals in their own home until the animal can be placed in a permanent home. Walks are about more than just physical exercise for our dogs; it?s the one time of day they get to go out and see what?s going on in the neighborhood. Meet & Greet: The process of introducing an adoptable animal to your family and/or current pets. Starbucks offers Puppucinos, Sprinkles Cupcakes has special doggie cupcakes, and most pet store chains offer plenty of dog friendly treats to choose from. 21. Take Your Dog on a Hike Looking to give your dog a little more excitement? Take your dog to the local park or trail for a hike. I chop up a carrot or two into bite size pieces (any will do) and hide them throughout the house while she?s not looking. Have Some Cuddle Time on the Couch Dogs love having a routine, and Laika adores our ?cuddle up on the couch for some TV? routine we do every evening. Take Your Dog to Visit Family/Friends One easy way to make your dog happy is to invite them along for a social gathering. 9. Some rescues offer a partial refund of the adoption fee once the adopted animal has been spayed or neutered. Like us, our dogs love new things ? and making a DIY dog toy is an easy way to make them happy. Temperament Testing: (also called behavior assessment) The act of testing an animals behavior in the shelter setting. Chew toys are perfect to have on hand for days when you?re not feeling well. Learn How to Give a Dog Massage We love a good massage because they relieve stress and are so relaxing, and the same can be true for our dogs. Limited Access: An animal shelter or rescue that either has restrictions on the animals it takes in, or one that only takes animals if they have room for them. Find the treats, like all , is a way for dogs to use their natural sniffing abilities in a fun and engaging way. Adoption Application: The paperwork that?s filled out by an individual wanting to adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue. Swimming is fun, and it?s the for older dogs or those with joint issues such as arthritis since it?s low impact. A process for making sure the animal is a good fit in your home before making the adoption final. One way to make training sessions more enjoyable for your dog is to keep them short & sweet. Switch Up Your Walking Routine Walking the same exact route everyday gets dull, and that lack of enthusiasm can make it hard to stick to your daily walking routine. Once situated call your dog and praise them when they find you. Each shelter and rescue has their own adoption process which should be? explained in their adoption application paperwork. Trap Neuter Return: (also called ) A program where roaming (stray or feral) cats are trapped, neutered/spayed, and then returned to the outdoor location where they were found. Here?s a glossary of terms associated with animal shelters, rescues & adoptions. b) A or rescue that does not kill healthy or treatable animals for space, and one that reserves euthanasia for pets that are terminally ill or deemed dangerous due to behavioral issues. Adoption Process: The process of adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue. I was skeptical about how much my dog would enjoy this game, but to my surprise she absolutely loves it (even though I keep picking the same 3 hiding spots). Giving your can be relaxing for them, and it?s a great way to help them wind down at the end of the day. 15. Fees are set by each rescue and shelter, and they cover the veterinary (spay/neuter surgery,vaccinations), food and transportation costs of caring for an animal. (dogs that come in as strays will have limited background information compared to an owner surrender) Euthanasia: The act of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain or suffering. Animal Adoption: (often referred to as pet rescue) The act of obtaining (adopting) a pet from an animal shelter or animal rescue organization. Foster Failure: When an individual that?s fostering an animal ?fails? by adopting the animal. When we?re out walking we check out what?s going on with our eyes, but our dogs use their noses. If your dog loves tug make a new . They may call your vet for health records on your current (or previous) pets to see if they?re spayed/neutered and up to date on their vaccinations. Let Your Dog Sniff on Walks Looking for a simple way to make your dog happy? Let them sniff on walks. They may be checking to make sure you don?t have other (undisclosed) pets in the home, that your yard is secure (some require a fence), and to point out any potential hazards they may find. 18. 1. You can make your dogs walk more enjoyable by stopping for a few minutes and letting them smell all of the things. My personal favorite is the ?because it?s durable, dishwasher safe, and you can adjust the size of the hole the food/treats come out of. And adding into your dog?s day can cut down on problem behaviors such as excessive barking and chewing. Use a Food Dispensing Toy for Your Dogs Meals Using a treat dispenser for your dogs meals gives them a fun problem to solve, and it adds a lot of extra mental stimulation to their routine. In fact, if I?m not on the couch by 9:30 pm she?ll start whining about it, just as she does when she doesn?t get her walk on time. You can catch up with their owner while the dogs play together. If your dog isn?t used to the water remember to take it slow and use a doggie life jacket if you?re going to be heading into deep water. (and it?s a great way to give them plenty of mental stimulation) Teach them to fetch your slippers, carry in the mail or help you pick up sticks around the yard. If the pet isn?t a good fit you can return it to the shelter where it may be put back up for adoption pending any temperament or health issues. Many states publish their euthanasia statistics via annual animal shelter reports. Trial Period: Some shelters and rescues have a trial period where you can make sure a pet is a good fit for your home & family. From a little more snuggle time on the couch to switching up your dog walking routine, here?s 25 ways to keep your dog happy. Some rescue groups have an adoption facility, and others care for animals in their own homes. Teaching your dog how to relax can reduce reactivity, it can relieve stress, and it?s a great way to brush up on your dog?s . Play a Game of Fetch With Your Dog A quick game of fetch is a lot of fun for your dog, even if it seems a little mundane to us. Adoption Outreach Center: Locations (usually veterinary offices or pet stores) that feature adoptable animals from a local animal shelter or rescue. 22. One of the ways I stay is by taking a different route. Make a Play Date for Your Dog Do any of your friends, family or neighbors have a dog that gets along well with yours? If so arrange a play date for them. Play a Game of Hide the Treats My favorite game to play with my dog Laika is a game of hide the treats. Dogs love having things to do, and there?s plenty of little tasks you can teach them to do to throughout the day. Animal Rescue: An animal rescue group or organization is one that is dedicated to animal adoption. Next time you?re going out to visit with your family or friends let your dog tag along. They will accept pets regardless of how full they are. (and don?t underestimate how much of a difference a great vet staff can make) 20. To play hide and seek have your dog stay while you go find a hiding spot. (here?s as an example) Euthanasia rate does not include owner requested euthanasia or euthanasia of animals that are deemed untreatable. And if you want a stuffed Kong to last even longer just freeze it overnight. Invest in a Few Good Chew Toys Dogs love chewing, and having a few sturdy chew toys can help entertain your dog during down time.? (spay/neuter contracts are more common in rescues that adopt out animals that are less than 6 months of age) Special Needs: An adoptable pet that has specific needs, generally relating to a physical disability, behavioral issue or chronic health condition. (and if you?re using a rope toy remember to put it away after your game; all those strings can be dangerous if your dog swallows them) 10. that you trust, and one that treats you and your dog well. Just be sure your dog has a pretty good ?drop it,? and that they know the game stops whenever their teeth touch your hand. (most shelters and rescues have their adoption application available on their website) Adoption Event: Publicly held event when an animal rescue or shelter will be present along with some of their adoptable pets. Play a Game of Hide & Seek Dogs love to play, and engaging in some such as hide & seek is an easy way to make your dog happy. Once your dog hasn?t seen that squeaky hippo for a couple of weeks he?ll be super excited the next time it appears. Does your dog love treat dispensing toys? You can make your own . Dogs are social animals, and giving your dog a chance to hang out in a controlled setting (versus a dog park which can be intimidating and over stimulating) is a great way to let them interact with others. Make Some DIY Doy Toys Does your dog love new toys? Instead of going out to the store to buy some give your dog a nice little surprise by toys of your own. Take Your Dog Swimming If your dog loves the water plan a trip to your local beach or lake for a fun outing. Calculated by comparing the number of animals a shelter takes in to those that are euthanized. The adoption application should explain the shelter/rescue?s adoption process in further detail and list any specific requirements. And always remember to bring along plenty of fresh water for your dog. 12

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