I Missed the Early Signs of Arthritis In My Dog

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The Early Signs of Canine Arthritis

My categories, tags, and series are somewhat of a mess. My dog had been giving me signs that something was wrong and I missed all of them. Arthritis is Progressive I do feel guilty that I wasn?t the one to suspect anything wrong with my dog. Signs of canine arthritis include stiffness when getting up or lying down, limping, slowing down on walks, pain after exercise, or reluctance to jump or climb steps. Puppy Leaks is about finding ways to improve our lives with dogs ? through education, communication, and animal advocacy. Here?s a slow motion video of a dog ?bunny hopping. It?s the best feeling in the world when you receive such amazing comments. I Didn?t Notice All The Extra Licking Dogs are always licking one thing or another, so when my dog started licking her rear legs more Pet+Crate I didn?t pay much attention. Certain exercises and activities can make your dog?s arthritis worse, so it?s important to find a routine that works for them. But what I really find myself in love with is a great story, a wonderful case study, learning something new. There?s a lot of amazing work being done that helps explain why dogs are considered mans best friend. ? I Thought Early Morning Stiffness Was Normal For the past 6 months or so Laika has been a little slower to rise in the morning. We?ve also added in a lot of and ?to help keep her busy and active throughout the day. I Didn?t Notice the ?Bunny Hop? When we were playing outside I didn?t notice the change in her gait. Since then it?s been a learning frenzy ? and I?ve loved every moment. Has your policy on product reviews and/or giveaways changed this year? Showing off how much of a newbie I really even have a review policy in place. 6. The Benefits Of An Early Diagnosis The earlier a diagnosis is made the to endure. I just assumed they were just regular age related issues. (Outward Hound & the ) I don?t own a smart phone (I know?lol). Wonderful Arthritis infographic via Pet Pharmacy ? Recommended Reading Pet Blogger Challenge 2015 Last updated on March 6, 2017 By Puppy Leaks Blogging is like work, but without coworkers thwarting you at every turn. When you?re new to blogging you should reach out to other great bloggers. Write.? She?s never been a fan of getting her nails trimmed either ? although she will tolerate it with enough yummy carrots on hand. A lot of these things we can prevent from becoming a big problem if we catch it early enough. It was me and a handful of tyrannosaurs. And because they can mimic what most of consider normal ?aging? symptoms such as stiffness we don?t necessarily think much of it. What was your favorite blog post to write this year? It?s a tossup between ?? & ?? The article about Sasha was one of the first heartfelt pieces I wrote. I went outside my comfort zone and tried something new. I?m lucky to have a great veterinarian. It?s so easy to become distracted by details ? I have to remind myself that the real foundation of any blog is the words themselves. 4. The signs had been there all along, but I wasn?t putting them together. I?d been messing around with the idea in my head for quite awhile, then one night I decided to just go for it. I?ve loved reading through the previous entries and I?m really excited to take part this time around. She runs with both back legs moving simultaneously, also known as the bunny hop gait. What was your most popular blog post this year? Did it surprise you that it was your most popular? By social shares it?s ?? which was surprising because it was the first time anything I?d written got more than a few comments and shares. I?ve learned so much from the pet blogging community so far, and I?m looking forward to what?s to come in 2015. The Early Signs of Arthritis Are Subtle Many of the do look like normal aging symptoms in dogs. But unfortunately dogs can?t tell us what?s wrong, so it?s up to us to notice those symptoms. I?d gently grab her back paw again and start the nail dremel ? just to have her instantly pull away again. I wrote this article for anyone who suspects their dog might have arthritis, because as I found out those early symptoms are easy to miss (or write off as being unrelated). I?ve done two reviews on items that I owned before I started writing ? both of which are items I really love. They?ve been so helpful and supportive ? in a short amount of time I really felt like I was part of a great community. Having a nice design is important. From analyzing the blogs I?ve really connected to I learned to stop writing just to write. When you live with a dog everyday it?s easy to miss some changes, and when it comes to arthritis many times those changes are just attributed to aging. Laika was still active, and she?d been participating in all of our normal daily physical exercises. Having the courage to start a blog to begin with. Laika and I are pretty simple ? we don?t have a lot of extra toys or treats in the house. Laika?s doing well so far, she?s on daily glucosamine supplements and we?ve been practicing a lot of . ? DVM PhD Laika is a 3 year old active dog. It?s important to recognize these signs and begin treatment early, to slow the progression and help preserve your dog?s quality of life. But being one person I know I?m missing out on so many great works, so I?d love your input & suggestions.? ? Neil Gaiman For any newcomers I?d like to introduce the inspiration behind the blog ? my dog Laika.I Missed the Early Signs of Arthritis In My Dog Last updated on January 28, 2019 By Puppy Leaks I missed the early signs of arthritis in my dog. Trying to find something to post every day made me write some stuff I?m not proud of. I didn?t make much of it; I?m always slow in the morning, so I attributed it to aging. Dogs are considered property in much of the world ? I really wanted to share all of the evidence that suggests how emotionally complex they are. She?s had arthritis for awhile and I didn?t catch any of the signs. I loved writing about dog emotions from a scientific angle. She can be a fussy dog, so when she was pulling her legs away during grooming I blamed it on her bad mood. Tips For Managing Your Dog?s Arthritis If you?re dog has arthritis and you?re not sure where to start check out the following articles. We can work on strengthening the body and avoid surgery altogether. Pet Blogger Challenge 2015 1. You inspire me every day with your beautiful photos, stories, and insight. I was just glad she was licking her legs and not her rear end all the time. I love reading about your goals, inspirations, and challenges. Because the signs of arthritis are subtle at first many dogs aren?t diagnosed right away. Things that probably don?t matter to anyone but myself. But when it comes to arthritis in dogs there are some specific things to look out for. I don?t even want to admit how many hours it took to find that color for links, or the proper spacing around my header. They have some great tips when it comes to managing canine arthritis. But since my dog is young never crossed my mind. We?d be writing blog entries like, ?The tyrannosaurus is getting grumpy. What have you found to be the most successful way to bring traffic to your blog, other than by writing great content? As soon as I connected with some other pet bloggers through commenting on their blogs I noticed a big difference. I don?t worry so much about posting everyday. It?s a lovely way to encourage, support, and gain inspiration from our fellow bloggers. I Thought She Was Just Being Grumpy Laika?s always been a bit sensitive. She was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 3, and to say I was a bit shocked is an understatement. They are sentient beings, and to many of us they?ll always be more than just property. 5. I love doing them, it?s enjoyable being able to share other people?s amazing posts ? because really great work deserves to be seen. Being able to honor her, and her wonderful owners, for having the courage to join in on the fight against cancer was something I felt compelled to write. I get out of bed a lot slower than I used to as well. I?m still surprised by the diagnosis, but more surprised that I didn?t see it all along. It wasn?t until my vet noticed the way she was standing that we decided to do an x-ray. Your vet can help you come up with a management plan that?s right for your dog. She was the first dog to enroll in the bone cancer vaccine trial being conducted at the University of Pennsylvania?s School of Veterinarian Medicine. Something to call my own. I still find myself writing a little something each day ? but I don?t feel compelled to instantly publish it. She?s a 3 year old dog in decent shape; arthritis was the furthest thing from my mind. 8. Have your veterinarian evaluate your dog?s joints at least every year to see what?s going on. If you could ask the pet blogging community for help with one challenge you?re having with your blog, what would it be? I?m seeking more entries for future. We?re friends. Late last year I noticed she was acting like a real jerk when it was time to trim her back nails. It?s such a nice, warm feeling knowing that something I?d written was deemed share-worthy. Just shy of 7 months. 7. When I started blogging, it was a dinosaur blog. Laika?s been slower to rise in the morning for months, and I assumed it was just part of aging. I?d love for everyone to share their favorite posts from their own blogs as well as others gems they?ve found. I read about SEO, analytics, HTML, marketing, logos, taglines, a/b testing, backlinks, ect. When she started getting out of a bed a little slower than usual I didn?t find it too odd. And sure enough, with one x-ray we knew ? Laika had arthritis. What goals do you have for your blog in 2015? I need to work on my organization. The term Puppy Leaks hopped in my head, so I bought the domain and just started typing. We?re not amongst competition here, we?re a community. She?d pull away, regardless of how many carrots I was holding. She?s the dog that yelps when she?s getting her shots at the vet. I?m proud to say I have a blog, something I planned, designed, and wrote. If I do more reviews in the future it?ll be on some basic stuff like leashes or harnesses. It?s all valuable information ? but it took so much time away from what I set out to do. And if you suspect your dog may have arthritis contact your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and management plan. I?ve been blogging since February of 2001. I had no idea that the sensitivity in her back legs had to do with arthritis. Here?s a few of the other arthritis symptoms she was showing that went unnoticed. The Pet Blogger Challenge is hosted by . How long have you been blogging? And,?for anyone stopping by for the first time, please give us a quick description of what your blog is about.? Now when she?s running it?s all I notice, that bunny hop of hers. Keeping up with technology is important. Arthritis in dogs is common, and unfortunately it affects quite a few of them at a young age. Don?t get sucked in to managing every tiny detail. This article goes over the early signs of arthritis in dogs, including all the ones I ended up missing. What lessons have you learned this year ? from other blogs, or through your own experience ? that could help us all with our own blogs? The blogs I find myself repeatedly coming back to are the ones where I walk away with something valuable. So that rules out most gadgets and apps right away. When you?re first starting out it?s important to make connections with other bloggers. Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs. I Missed The Early Signs of Arthritis in My Dog 80% of dogs 8 years of age and older are . If I were to go grab a frisbee right now I guarantee she?d leap to her feet and be ready to go. I might have missed the early signs of arthritis in my dog, but my vet certainly didn?t. -Seth Godin Recommended Reading. Being a new blogger I thought I had to learn every single aspect of the blogging world. It?s estimated that older than 1 year of age are affected, and that number increases to 80% for dogs 8 years of age or older. 2. 10. 9. Here are the most common : Walking stiffly Rising slower, especially on the morning Limping or favoring certain limbs Joints appear swollen or stiff Experiences pain or discomfort near certain joints Finds certain positions uncomfortable or painful Loss of flexibility Hesitant to jump, climb stairs, or run Abnormal gait, ?bunny hopping? Licking or chewing affected joint Laika has arthritis; since it was caught early the ability to manage it without surgical intervention has improved. She wasn?t showing any real signs of pain, and she wasn?t show any obvious signs of wanting to slow down. I assumed she was being fussy. But unfortunately she was in pain. I want to continue to work on my writing skills, and I?d like to learn to take better photos. You?ll find your best support system through other bloggers, and you?ll make a lot of new friends. Tell us one thing that you?accomplished on your blog during 2014 that made you proud. What?s your best piece of advice for other bloggers? Don?t get too caught up in blogging advice. If you don?t do reviews, is this something you?d like to do more of? What hurdle is getting in your way? I?m not opposed to doing more reviews ? but unless it?s an item I really love it?s hard to find any inspiration for writing them. She loves playing & running, she doesn?t limp, and she certainly doesn?t just lay around. The encouragement that comes from the pet blogging network is wonderful. Whether it?s learning more about nutrition, reading an inspirational story, or leaving with a new perspective on a given subject. The Common Signs of Arthritis in Dogs Are: Stiffness is probably the most universally known symptom of arthritis in dogs, but there?s other signs such as ?bunny hopping? and licking certain joints. The scientific approach to understanding dogs has come so far in the past decade. ? Scott Adams Taking Time to Reflect & Find Inspiration Through Others Today I?m taking part in the 5th annual Pet Blogger Challenge. I always warn them before I bring her in: ?she?s not aggressive, but she is very vocal. We?re all slower to rise at some point, and many of us enjoy a nice rest more than we used to

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