Roundup 74: Favorite Dog Articles & Videos of the Week

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I want to provide her with stuff to do and I want to keep giving her clear expectations & goals. I?m quite liberal with giving praise, whether it?s because she decided to not freak out at that squirrel or whether she decided to relax by my feet as I type this. Whether it?s visiting a pumpkin patch or gazing at the stars on these cool Fall nights ? there?s plenty of simple ways to include your dog in some activities this Fall. They want to be part of the family, they want to be engaged with us and they want to know what it expected of them. I don?t just freak out & start yelling to get what I want or to stop something from happening ? I think about all the aspects involved and try to come up with a positive solution for all. ? Is Positive Reinforcement Becoming the Norm? Positive reinforcement seems to slowly becoming the norm, and I believe we?ll all and up with better relationship skills because of it. Photo via | DogTipper If there?s one thing dogs truly enjoy it?s being involved in some of our activities. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Unfortunately many of those old school negative punishment methods do very little to address any of that. Waterford Township, MI officials declared a newly adopted dog named Diggy as a ?Pitbull? and told the owner he had to get rid of him. Nowadays I feel the need to understand my dog better & be a good leader for her. They were proponents of punishing accidents & alpha rolling puppies to get a good sense of their personalities? And the sad part is this isn?t really shocking, this was the norm for a long ass time. The training of animals in zoological and aquarium settings is gaining acceptance as a valuable animal care and management tool. I just knew that I didn?t agree with using corporal punishment as a learning tool for children or for dogs and I wanted my relationship with my dog to be one based on trust and affection and not fear. When you don?t want to share the bed? Recommended Reading How I Got Started With Positive Reinforcement Last updated on December 13, 2021 By Puppy Leaks Growing up I didn?t think of dog training as anything other than teaching my dogs a few tricks and having them reliably go to the bathroom outside. Don?t leave your dog guessing; use praise to clearly communicate when they?re being awesome. Our interactions with current dogs are most likely different than interactions with dogs 10, maybe even 5 years ago. End of life planning is never a fun subject, but it?s and important one many of us choose to ignore. I want her to understand how awesome she is when she decides to calmly meet a new dog. | Tenacious Little Terrier This post reminds me so much of the way I (and plenty others of us) got into using positive dog training. Positive reinforcement training has changed all that for me. By clearly defining good behaviors with praise or treats I?m able to communicate to her what an awesome dog she is. The township has now dropped charges against his owner & Diggy is being allowed to stay. Punishment Based Methods Were The Norm Growing Up I think many of us who grew up in the 80s or 90s (or before) have similar memories. And then I became an adult, had dogs of my own and started to hear interesting new concepts from people like , & (just to name a few). The ER is not the time to have those conversations. They might do a good job of addressing displeasure, but they certainly don?t do anything in regards to offering an alternative. It?s one of lessons that that feels like ?how in the hell did I not realize this before?? Positive training is powerful stuff, and it?s a little embarrassing how long it took me to fully embrace it. But going back to the way I was (and the way we probably all were at some point) I?m just glad I was exposed to theories other than ?teach your dog whose boss. ? So yeah, I?ll admit it: I?m a ?crossover trainer?.? So the GOAL is to reward the animals alternate responses to the same situations in conjunction with interrupting and preventing the undesirable behaviors. We may not have been aware of all the different training philosophies, but we knew there had to be a better option than using punishment. And do you know how she reciprocates? By being the best dog ever.? That is such a powerful training technique. People had been alpha rolling their dogs & rubbing their faces in urine for years, probably not thinking twice about whether or not it?s the ?best? way to really teach your dog what you want.? I still remember watching this amazing & the feeling it left me with ? complete awe & inspiration. They were explaining how positive reinforcement training works, and it was like a whole new understanding of dog behavior started to take shape in my mind. Here?s how I got started with positive reinforcement and why I?ll never go back to punishment based training. Hell I didn?t even consider things like having , reinforcing relaxation or using proactive measures to prevent issues at all. Things I?d never considered when working with dogs, yet they all made perfect sense with little I knew from living with dogs my whole life. Positive Reinforcement Improved my Problem Solving Skills Learning about positive reinforcement not only led to more understanding of dog behavior & impulses, it?s led me to being more positive with all the humans I interact with. Counter conditioning, clicker training and consistency. My relationship with Laika is deeper than with previous dogs, and it?s all because of the skills that positive methods have given me. Recommended Reading. I used to use yelling & negative reinforcement with my dogs. People change. How I Use Positive Reinforcement Today How I define positive reinforcement training and use it with Laika may not be the exact technical or scientific description, but it?s a method that works for us. Dogs do want to please us, but there?s more to pleasing us than just learning a few tricks.? | Life With Dogs There?s good news this week in a highly publicized that?s been going on since earlier this summer. I?m a lot more open to saying ?good job? or ?that was awesome? than I used to be ? and that feels damn good. Why the hell didn?t I think of this before ? it all make so much sense! All you?ve got to do is to watch them, to time-sample the behavior, and say, every five minutes, you ask the question, ?Is it good, or is it bad?? If it?s good, say, ?That was really neat, thank you. Favorite Dog Videos of the Week Someone seems a little excited to be going to the dog park. Correcting inappropriate dog behavior with yelling or tugging was the norm. Learning about positive reinforcement led to developing some hardcore problem solving skills. This was after a veterinarian (and the rescue he was adopted from) said he was a Bulldog mix. We just did what we did, and that was basically a few tricks, going for our daily walks & playing fetch. Even if we?ve never used a shock or prong collar on a dog, there was a point in time when we didn?t know about Skinner?s quadrants or how to implement classical conditioning. Is that only due to learning about dogs? Probably not, but it certainly helped.Roundup 74: Favorite Dog Articles & Videos of the Week Last updated on September 17, 2016 By Puppy Leaks From learning about the benefits of positive dog training to some simple dog friendly day trip ideas, here?s my favorite dog articles of the week. Recognized benefits include: animals? voluntary cooperation in veterinary procedures, reduction in aggressive behavior, and increased positive social interactions. In thinking of my experience, and hearing the experiences of colleagues and clients, I?ve come to believe that we are all ?crossover trainers? to various degrees. ?We want to plant the seed and help people see it?s important to have these conversations about end-of-life planning now. I?m glad to say I didn?t participate in any of that alpha rolling nonsense or the punishment phases of house training. Do You Consider Yourself a Crossover Trainer? When did you start to adopt positive reinforcement with your dog? What are some of the methods you used to use? Did you grow up thinking that rubbing a dogs nose in urine is the only way to housetrain? We?re joining the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop hosted by??and?. It was the norm. I don?t need to yell at her or yank her chain to get her to behave, I just need to think ahead to avoid setting her up for failure (letting her outside while there?s a cat in the driveway), and remember to tell her each time she does something great. It?s certainly not something I?m proud of, but it is what it is. My Holy Cow This Makes Perfect Sense Moment I?d already heard a thousand times that dogs want to please us, but I?d never thought about it besides giving them a treat when they sat on command. Think about this for a moment: If you were to act exactly as you did 10 years ago in your current position would that be a good thing? For me I believe I?ve grown to be better, especially when it comes to interactions & relationships with others. I?d always had a strong love for dogs and thus read every dog-related book I could find growing up, but they certainly weren?t teaching anything like this. We didn?t think of things like ?how can I prevent this from happening?? or ?is there something I can use to redirect my dogs attention?? We did these things because we saw others doing them. But I was guilty of yelling at my dog when they misbehaved, and unfortunately I did yank their leashes from time to time if they misbehaved. ?So many people think hospice care is about dying, when really, it?s about life and living the end of life on your own terms,? he said. Do you praise your dog often? One of the most effective training methods I?ve found is remembering to use praise for what may seem like mundane behaviors (laying down & relaxing) to increase the likelihood of your dog repeating that behavior in the future. We?re not the same person we were 10 years ago, and our evolving opinions, methods & skills aren?t a sign of weakness or being a lousy ?flip-flopper,? they?re (usually) a sign of growth. This photo of owner Dan Tillery & his newly adopted dog Diggy went viral earlier this summer. ? I?ve learned more about dogs in the past 10 years (not just because of this blog) by using positive reinforcement than I did with all my previous years & experience combined. Lesson learned Jen, lesson learned. Four days after it was posted Waterford Township, MI police showed up at his house telling him the ?pit bull? type dog had to go. As terrible as some of the methods I used were it?s certainly served as an important life lesson. Keep in mind that if you ignore the animal and only pay attention to him when he is doing undesirable behavior, you will be training the animal to do exactly that which you do not want by providing your attention whenever the behavior occurs. You can use that same concept for all sorts of behaviors? My mind was blown. I no longer feel the need to dominate my dog. | WTOP ?Hachi?s Hike for Hospice? is a campaign to raise awareness about hospice care and dispel many of the negative connotations that come with it. It begins on the first Monday of each month and runs all week long. How long will it take before the majority of us consider it the norm? I don?t know, but we?ve certainly come a long way in the past 10 years alone

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